Boredom is one of the quality of a human that means he/she was not enjoying what he/she is doing. People nowadays, were often suffering this kind of unproductive trait. But, no one is to blame when a person is really tired of what he/she is doing.

In my case, I’m always bored on everything I do. It was always things that I found interesting and enjoying at first but afterwards, gets tired of it. Most of  the times, I can’t explain myself; I’m confused on the things I do and I tries to do. It was suffocating to desperately seek my role — my wants.


First blog post

A mandatory first blog post should be an introduction about me — the blogger / author of this page. To be honest, I don’t have any specific idea on what should I do with this page. Well, I would probably just rant about eveything I saw on the Internet and my dull life.

I’m not a good writer so my sentence structure would have a lot of grammatical errors in the future so deal with it. Aside from being a frustrated and self-proclaimed writer, I’m a student with     a burning passion to learn new things and dedicate myself into research and of course, ranting over a certain topic in sidelines. Haha!

I think that was it. I’m done introducing myself, I’ll keep those important details so that I could remain enigmatic.